Our Professional Fees

For the maintenance of the high standards that we have set ourselves-for continuing medical education, for employing the best nursing and reception staff, and for high-tech equipment-we charge fees as recommended by the South African Medical Association.

While physicians must be conscious of the cost of medical treatment and participate actively in cost containment efforts within medicine, it is the physician’s primary obligation to represent the interests of the sick and injured against demands by society for cost containment that would endanger patients’ health and perhaps patients’ lives' - World Health Organisation


Medical Aids

This practise does not have any direct association with any Medical Aid Scheme or Funder and you are required to settle your account at the time of consultation.

Please ask the reception staff at the time of booking and/or before your consultation to explain the fee structure to you and make sure that you are aware of and agree to the costs before your consultation. Procedures incur additional costs over and above that of the consultation fee.

Assisting Patients

A visit to the doctor is often unplanned and /or under stressful circumstances.

No patient should be embarrassed or refused treatment because he or she is unable to pay immediately. Arrangements for deferred payment can always be negotiated.

This compromise between commercial and medical ethics will allow us to continue to serve our patients well.