Dr Grant Dalziel


Dr Peta Lynn Jearey


Specialist Family Practice Expertise

Drs Dalziel and Jearey have more than 60 years of Family Practice experience between them and have a thriving partnership that is enhanced by a highly competent team of Doctors and other Medical Professionals who all contribute to our Vision of being at the forefront of Family Medicine in South Africa.

The partners are fully committed to ongoing staff development and training to ensure that our patients receive the very best in medical care.

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The most significant difference between Family Medicine and most other medical disciplines and specialities is that it embraces both the psychological and physical manifestation of disease and ill health. One of the legacies of family medicine is that it includes emotions as an essential feature of both diagnosis and management. This makes family medicine an art based on scientific principles. The enduring relationship between the doctor and the patient is fundamental to continuing excellence in family health. The ability to focus on these relationships as well as paying careful and prudent attention to the development of complications allows the family doctor to act as the pivotal manager of the patient’s medical care, even when specialist referral is necessary.

- (McWhinney & Thomas 2009)